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ACC builds and ships globally Electro-Mechanical and Custom Cable Assemblies (Copper and Fiber Optic) and is a Distributor of Electronic and Interconnect Components. Our focus is mid to low product volumes and our specialty is building complex assemblies of all lengths and configurations.
● Alternate Energy
● Avionics
● Commercial
● Industrial
● Medical
● Military
● Sensing and Control
Wire & Cable
● 1000 MCM - 28 AWG Discrete
● 0 - 28 AWG Multi-Conductor & Paired
● 22 - 30 AWG Ribbon, Shielded & Non-Shielded
● Power Cables
● Coaxial (Formable, Flexible, Semi-rigid)
● Fiber-Optic
● CAT5/5e
Enclosures / Box Builds
● PCB mounting
● Terminal Strips
● Routing to external connectors
● Switches, LED's, Fans, Audio / Video output, Etc.
● Mass Terminations
● Soldering
● Kitting
● Splicing
● Labeling / Marking
● Power Connections
● Potting
● Fiber Optic (Single/Multi-Mode, SC, ST, LC TFOCA II)
● Crimp-and-Plug
● Strip-and-Tin
● Terminal Blocks
● Heat Shrink
● Cable Lamination
● Modular Punch-Down
● Harnessing
● Kanban / Stocking Replenishment-Based Systems
ACC tests 100% of our products and utilizes mating connectors to ensure specified fit and to eliminate defects.
● Signature (point to point continuity) / HiPot / Insulation and contact resistance
● CAT5/5e TIA568 A/B
● Capacitance
● Fiber Optic Link Loss
● WHMA A-620 pull/tensile strength
Workmanship Standards
ACC is capable of building to these standards and/or to customer provided specifications.
In the event a quality or workmanship standard is not specified, ACC will quote and build to IPC-WHMA-A-620 Class 3 standards.
● UL/CSA-Certified
● MIL-STD-2000A
● MIL-STD-202
● IPC/WHMA A-620
● MIL-HDBK-454
● ANSI 610B

Our Quality System is AS9100-Compliant as Assessed by an External RAB-Certified Auditor.
Box Builds
Fiber Optics
Arizona Components Company
Arizona Components Company (ACC) is a family / veteran owned and operated small business since 1978.

ACC's goal is to provide our customers with high-quality products, On-Time and at competitive prices. ACC is committed to understanding and serving our customers’ needs completely and consistently. We accept the challenge and responsibility to orchestrate and lead the efforts of our personnel, as well as those of our suppliers in achieving this ultimate goal. We are dedicated to ever improving the quality and overall value of our products and services through our "Continuous Improvement Initiatives" that focus on reducing cycle times and increasing first pass yields.

At ACC, we understand that our employees are our most important asset. We have worked hard together to create a company culture that will provide maximum opportunity for our people to achieve. We realize that the success of our employees is closely tied to that of the total company. The quality of our products and services are the direct result of our employee efforts. ACC believes the most cost effective, quality conscious and motivated employee is one who has ownership for their quality and productivity. ACC educates our employees how to perform the work, the acceptance standards and how to verify their work to these standards. Hard working, capable employees working efficiently together as a team is our primary competitive advantage.

In so doing the aforementioned, we trust that our customers will maintain confidence in our ability to serve them in the world class manner they have grown accustom.

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